Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ozmotic / Fennesz - AirEffect [Folk Wisdom 003 Promo]

Sitting in our P.O. box most recently was this conceptual album release crafted by the Italian Ozmotic collective and longterm experimental electronic music stallion Christian Fennesz released as cat.no. 003 of the Folk Wisdom imprint. Set in a context of an imaginery future the seven tracks of  "AirEffect" function, according to he release info, as a kind of audio black box capturing evidence of a once existing, multimedia-savvy mankind with the heedful listener taking over the role of an observer, discovering this magic box revealing an ongoing stream of sound which - at least in a first listening session - does not necessarily gives a clue on any kind of digital technologies used in these long gone days of the past. Instead we come across sparse Jazz-reminiscing drumming partly paying homage to artists like the ever active Jaki Liebezeit, organic, deep listening Ambient and the longing, ultramelancholia of 23rd century Futury Jazz, Downtempo Noir and various layers of Field Recordings - e.g. street scenes or tribal chants and TV recordings as to be found in the well fascinating "LiquidMrkt" whilst the second to last tune "Clone 15.26" even resembles a dubbed out, calm and well relaxing feel like a lazy summer night. A setting that might well fit for the recommended consumption of this deep listening album piece that's a good one but still does not meet the expectations evoked by the scenario described in the albums info sheet.


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