Friday, August 28, 2015

Hainbach - Ashes [self-released tape]

More news from the tape side of things have it that Hainbach, the experimental project of the Berlin-based producer Stefan Paul Goetsch, has released the new album "Ashes" only recently - a limited to 100 copies, hand-numbered blue cassette album featuring a dozen tracks representing the artists musings throughout these days.  Using and abusing modular synths and tape loops Hainbach creates beautiful, crackling and contemplating ambience, serves fluid sci-fi minimalisms for interplanetary dancefloors with the albums title track "Ashes", score'esque, melancholic Deep Listening Music ("Still Life") as well as bubbly and friendly Electronica-reminiscing sound architecture partly evoking fond memories of early Plaid or the long-gone Heimelektro Ulm Tonquellen label. Furthermore we'll find super-tense, alien'esque sounds morphing all over the place ("Forrest Road"), fragile, crystalline melodies levitating weightlessly across the universe, church bells and organs turning into biased, highly dramatic glockenspiel-sounds ("Churches"), tender Piano tape loops meet galopping, meandering rhythm structures and echo-heavy three dimensional Ambient for those who know alongside many other, highly enjoyable explorations in contemporary electronic listening music. Recommended.


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