Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Various Artists - Doku-Aquarelle: Radlweg Pasing- Hauptbahnhof [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 017 Promo]

Coming in via the Munich-based imprint Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse is this limited to 20 - sic! - copies double tape box release that has been put on the circuit earlier this month and features a bunch of seven trax accompanied by additional art print inlays for collectors of leftfield'ish underground electronic music from the far out vaults ofthe spectrum. With Lias Föge's "C Schwarzthirtler" we're exploring krauty Synth Ambient realms, Mete Amming's "In De Mergedol" serves beat-emulating filterisms for ultraminimalistic dancefloors, Gradar's "Vatre Rucker" brings in deep Synth melancholia and PRS' "Badqualitymusic" serves nice lo-fi Electronica / Phonk crossovers with a little bouncy Acid twist before Gebert Fieth-Harnung delivers some bleepy, playful micromusicality with "Keine Angst, Keine Angst Rosmarin (Emmental Elemental)" which is the final tune on the first tape. On tape two we see the Breakcore- / Hardcore-producer Low Entropy coming up with some dark'ish, distorted SloMo turns proper Hardcore accompanied by harsh vocoders and a little bit of Mescalinum United-feel entitled "Cyborg Tribal Sex Dance"on side C whilst Alessandro provides quirky, rumbling Broken Techno vs Dark Ambient with his contribution "VAL-056" which is focussing on the ultimate lo-fi and low frequency side of the spectrum.

A great limited collectors box for but unfortunately Deutsche Post crushed our promo version - we do not approve of this!


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