Sunday, August 16, 2015

Membranes - Dark Matter / Dark Energy [Cherry Red Promo]

It's been a little more than 25 years - yes, that's a quarter of a century - since The Membranes,  PostPunk-legends of their own right and John Peel-favourites, released their latest longplay piece "To Slay The Rock Pig" back in 1989 and although the band has been kinda active on the release circuit again with four 7"es since 2009 coming back with a full album is a strong message after all these years of silence, especially as the band still sounds as raw and angry as in their heydays. Influenced by a lot of science things happening around the CERN and Higgs Boson Project their lyrics deal with scientific topics these days but their musical approach takes us well back into the dark'ish and grey days of UK's Thatcherism, great social and economic depression as well as the fear of a global nuclear war within only a few seconds. Aggression, desolation, anger and distress, raw studio production that lives up to the original vibe of the genre, a strong connection to original Punk as well as to ultra noisy Rock but also classic, stripped down PostPunk / P-Funk like in "Money Is Dust" or the heavy Funk-induced "Space Junk" that seems to be a killer blueprint prequel to popular 90s Crossover outfits like Rage Against The Machine alongside droney, beatless, experimental interludes like "The Multiverse Suite" and some high-octane anthems named "If You Enter The Universe You've Got To Be Prepared To Deal With The Lions", "Hail To The Lovers" and "In The Graveyard" which - not only titlewise - leans more towards the Wave- / Goth-side of things add up to a great musical variety that will be highly appreciated by all bat-like creatures of the night wavering around widely unknown and likely unnamed underground venues, filled with likeminded, partly undead souls, misfits and pale, vampire'esque beauty queens ready to break your hearts... forever. Check.


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