Friday, September 18, 2015

Fagottmädchen - Cupin II [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 023 Promo]

Fresh on the Munich-based label Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse is "Cupin II", the sophomore album of the semi-legendary Fagottmädchen-project which is back with an astounding selection of thirteen tracks here, starting with the Industrial Trance-banger "Ilja Rogoff", going into weirdly filtered Distortion Techno with "Inzestuöses Gesocks.x" and serving super dry, lo-fi Hardcore for those who know with "Carmen Fizkth Merop". The "Gulip Highway" leads into trippy IDM / Phonk territorities with an Experimental Drum'n'Bass twist before a banging 4/4 and quirky melodies with a spiritual touch take dancefloors by storm, "Samen Gegen" pleases all lovers of trueskool Techno being hammered through heavy rigs set up illegaly in large warehouse spaces and "Doetinchem" closes the A-side with thrilling bits of proper, anthemic but bass-lacking Rave Techno. Going into the flipside with "Wooden Fusilli" we find killer Electro Phonk with weird and pretty unneccessary German lyrics that unfortunately destroy the tunes fascinating atmosphere, "Kaerean Gohtzith" provides a dark, threatening, score'esque sci-fi feel based on funky low frequency works, decent 4/4 structures and a quite futuristic approach whilst "Pet Pisser Reprise" is fast-paced Techno on a close-to-Hardcore override. "Over The Tophhh" is on an uncompromising, stomping Unhappy Hardcore tip and adds up a little bits of psychedelic Acid here and there, "Zyclin Ropollet" brings back dark and muffled analogue Techno and Trance for oldskool tape fetishists, "45.66.Ex" easily exceeds the 180bpm benchmark with hard, yet gummy bassdrums and uplifting Trance / Rave elements and the final "Bitonhhh" caters advanced Electro / IDM with a playful vibe to late night floors of underground venues. Recommendable stuff for oldskool lovers, although the crew of Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse seems to be rolling the dice in terms of catalogue numbers lately.


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