Monday, September 07, 2015

baze.djunkiii Charts 09/2015

01. Source Direct - Approach & Identify [Nonplus Records 030]
Killer re-release here, bringing back the original, dark and complex Jungle / Drum'n'Bass vibe we all loved about Source Direct in the 90s. On the flip we'll find a remix crafted by Demdike Stare who's taking the tune to a whole new level stylewise, serving a hauntingly abstract, alienated, industrial-sounding Dark Ambient / Electronica fusion that'll perfectly accompany any forthcoming sequel of "Alien" movies for sure. Threatening as fuck.

02. Angels Dust - Slow Tapes [Hit + Run 048]
Highly recommended red vinyl 10" pressing. Limited to 400 copies only these six tracks perfectly fuse the foggy, dubbed-out fascination of Peaking Lights' Folk approach and the deep, crackly feel of Portishead's first album with the result of being nothing less than a perfect PsychoFolk record. Get, hunt down, buy blindfolded. 

03. Hainbach - Ashes [self-released tape]
See review for details...

04. Ipman - Regicide / Ghostrunner [Tectonic 086]
It has been a long time since I really dug a Tectonic release and actually this is the first Tectonic after Omen's "Rebellion" 12" back in 2006 I'm really into. "Regicide" on the A-side brings in deadly SlowMotion Jungle and melodic killer bass alongside bleepy synth lines and classic soundsystem culture-reminiscing vocal wizzardry for the original Jungle feel - one of, if not the best Future Jungle tunes released in 2k15. "Ghostrunner" on the flip is more of a regular, yet very techy Dubstep tune with a ravey, hysterical edge, haunting stabs and a near static sub foundation. Primetime shit.

05. Various Artists - Doku-Aquarelle: Radlweg Pasing - Hauptbahnhof [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 017 Promo]
See review for details...

06. Surgeon - Fixed Action Pattern [Token Records 046]
When it comes to functional, quality Techno Anthony Child a.k.a. Surgeon is and has always been one of the producers to look out for. The original version of "Fixed Action Pattern" is such a piece, fusing distorted drums and an uncompromising approach with soft, spiralling synth lines that reminisce of ProtoTrance but fulfill the needs of every Techno head whilst the so-called 'Dub' version on the flip is meandering in between deep, dubby Electronica and Broken Techno in hyper slo-motion. Proper stuff.

07. Gabi Delgado - 2 [Oblivion / SPV Promo]
See review for details...

08. Jubei - True Form EP [Metalheadz]
Super solid release on the beloved Metalheadz imprint from the man known as Jubei. With "Congo" we're entering the long black tunnel which stood synonymous for the feel of a lot of Drum'n'Bass releases in the late 90s whilst only the strings served in the deep, yet minimal breakdown cater some signs of relief,  the vocal tune "Paragon" featuring Rumour serves a surprisingly Liquid Drum'n'Bass feel with a floating Pop-twist whilst "Out Of Sight", a collaborational effort with Tyrone, rolls out tool'ish junglistic vibes alongside a pretty futuristic, cold sci-fi atmosphere and deadly subs reminiscing of the early Virus era. Proper.

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