Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Erik Griswold - Pain Avoidance Machine [Room 40 Promo]

What to do if one's not satisfied with the governmental musings of the country you live in? And what to do if one's exhausted from going through a two years period of composition? Erik Griswold's answer to this question is simple: make another album and go back to what you're best at. In this case this meant going back to work with the prepared piano. The result is the "Pain Avoidance Machine", a 15-track album piece recently released via Room 40 that, unlike Hauschka's famous prepared piano works which have gained some attention by a wider audience throughout the past decade, focuses on the more rhythm-oriented side of this special piano technique, sees the percussive plucking and picking of strings as a quintessential foundation and structure of the majority of compositions that sometimes even get a marimba'esque feel whilst classic piano notes play only an accompanying role in these raw, yet beautifully simplistic, fragile and often repetetive sketches. A different and interesting take on the prepared piano for sure.


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