Saturday, September 26, 2015

Polwechsel - Untitled (No.7) [God Records 031 Promo]

Improvisation and improvised music is always hard to describe, explain and judge as there are - in many cases - simply no rules that apply nor formal structures one might refer to. This goes for the music of Polwechsel as well which have been making waves in the Improv scene for two decades now and only recently released their seventh longplay effort via God Records. Mostly percussive and meandering around varying structures free floating between a Free Jazz-reminiscing approach, improvised, simmering tribalisms and the loose rhythms of conjunctional works created by the likes of Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit all tracks - "UNX", "UNY" and "UNZ" - are built around drums and other instruments abused as such whilst string instruments like guitar, bass and cello as well as xylophone cater additional, non-melodic, yet complimenting textures and, especially in "UNY", a calming, cinematic layer to a buzzing percussive antsiness or, talking "UNZ" here, a playful take on both melancholia and off-kilter outbursts. Thrilling.   


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