Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 036]

The producer that never sleeps is back with another album on his very own Supersix Records Extra imprint, catering a new bunch of ten previously unreleased tracks from his impressive archive. Friends of stripped down, bleepy ClubTechno and tender piano chords will be pleased by the opener "Lomographie", a combination which is quite atypical tune for Sascha Müller's musical work, whilst the follow-up "Los Puros" brings back memories of Marco Zaffarano's or L-X-Carbo's TechTrance productions in and around the year 2000 and the mighty "Magnetkern" brings in dry bassdrums and razor sharp hi-hats alongside decent, soft yet trance-inducing background melodies. The 12+ minutes long "Mars Attacks" is built on a foundation of super dry drums and raw, unprocessed claps as well but focuses on abstract, high frequency flashes and psychotic MonoAcid, "Megashira" fuses monotonous electroid vibes and decent, acidic filter works, "Messure 1" is on a Hi-NRG DiscoTech tip and "Mind Control" is a killer dancefloor weapon, serving hammering, supercompressed bassdrums, hounded hi-hats and trippin' ClubTechno synths - tool'ish but masterly crafted. Furthermore the sawtooth-synth heavy "Moontrip" brings back Heckmann'esque RaveTechno at its best, "Negative Houser" leaves out on the House aspect but caters excellent, floating, high quality AcidTrance for true lovers of the genre instead and the final "Killer Instinct" serves Techno with a nice, hectic, yet melodic twist for happy, uplifting moments on the floor. We're currious what comes up next.


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