Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mein Synthi Ist Wichtiger Als Deutschland [self-released tape]

A mysterious tape release which has been sitting in our P.O. box only recently, seemingly representing the deepest underground by unveiling exactly no information about track listing, artist or origin - except the title which is even quite hidden and embedded in the artwork. Going on this journey we find ourselves diving into what is one of the most eclectic DJ-sets we've heard in quite a while, combining Wave- / PostPunk-tunes, some Punk-referencing songs, ItaloDisco as well as obscure Leftfield Electronics, Glitch / IDM and ethereal Electronic UltraPhonk. A rollercoaster ride of a selection that even incorporates some kitsch-loaden Plastic Reggae and 80s ballads, at least that's what we assume although we know none of the songs featured on this piece by name. Is this official? Is this even real? No matter what, we approve of this for sure. 


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