Monday, October 12, 2015

Saki - Daytona USA [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 013 Promo]

Coming in from the Munich-based Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse-imprint is their 013, a new and limited eleven-track cassette tape album crafted by underground producer Saki who is serving the most dancefloor friendly, club-oriented release on the label so far. Although raw, unprocessed and heavily distorted the opener "Angriff  Auf Der Nordschleife" brings in pumping beats and nice, oldskool chords floor the club crowd, "The Fog Is So Thick - I've Lost You" provides fodder for late night sessions in run down industrial estates and "I Found This At The Bottom Of A Stream In Sav-La-Mar" amalgamates rustling hi-hats and echoes of what once was known under the name of Deep- and Chicago to a rhythmic and dancefloor-suitable structure although the bassdrum seems to be pretty absent in this piece. "Spring Break 1993, Volusia County" plays with a stripped down, twisted breakbeat intro before ecstatic Rave stabs, warped laser synths and fast paced-drums evoke memories of a crossbreed featuring drugged out 90s warehouse parties and AFX on acid whilst "Make It A Topless Afternoon (Extended)" comes across as deep underground take on trance-inducing Intelligent Techno. Going into the flipside we'll find "Touch My Body" presenting raw, pumping House beats, microcut vocal bits and a bouncy bassline reminiscent of SpeedGarage or the later UK Funky scene whilst uplifting chords and a sweet little synth line bring in some sex drive, the "Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network" is based on trippin' FX, razor sharp, unprocessed hi-hats and a certain minimalistic edge and the "Ford GT90 (1995 Detroit Auto Show)" is a shiny piece of glitz in terms of raw to the core 4-track Detroit Techno. Furthermore the short "Tell Me, What Do You See" stays on the Motor City-train with levitating string arrangements and sweet chords layered on top of a groove, complex drum foundation, "Let's Go Away" seems to be an experimental TechnoJazz sketch / live jam only and the final "The Florida Coastal Highway (At Dawn)" is an effervescent Techno piece that could've well been discovered on a tape full of unreleased tunes produced somewhat in the early 90s. Rugged but good, this album is.


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