Wednesday, December 09, 2015

baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2015

01. baze.djunkiii vs. Dr. NoiseM - Untitled [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]
See here for details and video...

02. Dralms - Shook [Full Time Hobby Promo]
See review for details...

03. DJ Taye - Break It Down [Hyperdub 096]
More Juke / Footwork from the Teklife-camp on Hyperdub these days and DJ Taye is representing big time with this four track 12". Whilst the A-side is on a deeper, more Soul and vocal driven tip it's especially "XTCC", a collaborational effort with DJ Earl, that caught my attention due to it's lovely, super seductive vocal sample that has been heard in Jungle / Hardcore times before and has a huge effect on me still. "There's a void... where should be ecstasy."

04. The Schwarzenbach - Nicht Sterben. Aufpassen. [Staubgold 142]
See review for details...

05. Wen ft. Riko Dan - Remixes [Keysound Recordings 056]
Two remixes of "Play Your Corner" on this one with Walton's rework serving a proper crimescene Grime vibe sporting epic breakdowns as well as a banging 4/4 part in the second half of the tune on the A-side whilst Kahn & Neek are going deeper on a riddim that both features tender Electronica-resembling passages as well as darker, oldskool'ish parts that would've been well fitting on early Grime labels like Slimzos Recordings.

06. Wyoming - Moon Jaunt [AdP Records Promo]
See review for details...

07. Sierra Sam - Remember Me [UYX 005 Whitelabel]
Built around two dark and threatening vocal samples - "Somewhere You Can Go" and "Remember Me" - these three tracks to be found on the fifth incarnation of the Upon.You Records whitelabel offspring UYX represent highly functional, technoid dancefloor fodder for all jocks out there preferrably playing concrete, fog-filled underground venues and illegal, strobe heavy basement raves in front of dedicated, sweat covered punters and on huge, pounding rigs. Good stuff.

08. Mytrip - Empty [Amek 004]
Angel Simitchiev a.k.a Mytrip takes us on a trip to the frosty winter nights of his homeland Bulgaria with these two cold Dark Ambient / Drone tracks walking the thin line towards angelic Death Ambient - especially in the second half of "Wherever You Are" - and more haunting, unsettling tonalities ("Wait For Me").

09. [BSSMSSG 001 Whitelabel]
Six track whitelabel 12" of unknown heritage featuring tunes bei The Duke Of Juke, Ill_K, Disrupt and a few others exploring the world of bass music and it's several subbranches like Juke / Footwork, Skweee, 4/4-based dubbisms and epic Roots Dub as well deep Dubstep tunage for advanced floors. Nice one.

10. Luca Agnelli - Solaris [Upon.You Records 097 Promo]
The Italian producer Luca Agnelli comes up with a high quality release on Upon.You Records , fusing a technoid foundation, Acid references and beautiful, crystalline synth improvisations on the title track "Solaris", presenting deep slightly melancholia infusing melodic structures on "Over The Sky" and finally going into deep, well-pumping ends with the closing tune "Level 1" that can be best described as 'troity late-night Techno for those who know. Nice.


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