Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wyoming - Moon Jaunt [AdP Records Promo]

Wyoming – Holoscenery (Official Video) from Wyoming on Vimeo.

It's been about two years since Wyoming released their debut album "Fountain" via the Kulmbach-based label AdP Records and now they're back with their sophomore longplay piece "Moon Jaunt" which is scheduled for release on November 13th, 2015. Going in to the eleven track listening experience that the new album is with the opening song "Following Dead Ends" it becomes pretty clear how the sound of Wyoming has evolved over the past 24 months. Gone are the loose, freefloating AfroFunk-influences reminiscent of acts like Sinkane and the likes of; they've been replaced by an intimate, more Indie-flavored attitude that's still sporting jazzy twists here and there, sometimes plunges into calm electronic basins but - talking the big picture - seems to be more catchy and captivating than their debut, appealing to a wider audience without focusing on the Indie mainstream of today. In songs like "Holoscenery" one might even feel a slightly 80s vibe due to the specific snare sound used, "Relationships" works on a beatless, nearly Ambient level, the piano-based ballad "Franz Joseph Land" incorporates epic melancholia, romanticism and a yearning lust to explore widescreen panoramic places and the albums title track introduces a sweet little bleepy 8bit melody in combination with a sparse, swinging drum set and warm, organic strings to a great effect. "Remains" turns out to be great companion for long thoughtful walks on sunny autumn afternoons, "Sioux"' hypnotizingly floating, synth-heavy intro provides a quite Krautrock-influenced feel and the closing bonus track "Hexa" caters a light-headed swing for classy Indie underground dancefloors that's about to last. Defo a nice one to keep on one's personal watchlist for sure.  


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