Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sascha Müller - Brazil Acid Cash EP [Psychocandies 038 Promo]

To be released today on the Acid-focused label Psychocandies is Sascha Müller's new "Brazil Acid Cash EP" which contains three variations on the title track, all about to please lovers of underground Acid to the max. "Brazil Acid Cash 1" is riding the fast lane, combining highly functional modulations and scampering Techno whilst "Brazil Acid Cash 2" is a production in the vein of Pure Plastic-releases ca. 2001 mashed up with floating, spiralling, hyped AcidTrance-reminiscing 303's and the final, 6:06 minutes spanning "Brazil Acid Cash 3" is on a truly fast-paced Rave tip, bringing on screeching soundbursts and slightly evolving sawtooth lines for maximum effect. We approve of this.


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