Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ipek Gorgun - Aphelion [Ipek Gorgun self-released]

Put on the circuit on February 16th, 2k16 is Ipek Gorgun's self-released solo album entitled "Aphelion", a seven track piece exclusively available via her Bandcamp page. Throughout the course of her musical explorations the young Turkish artist fully focuses on the art of electroacoustic composition and delivers a bunch  of tunes including sterile, highly scientific sounding pieces which usually start out quite minimalistic, based on sinewave modulations or other digital tones which slowly evolve into more complex structures without necessarily following the path of pattern repetition but also crafts Ambient-influenced spheres of unique beauty. Especially tracks like the well-haunting "Bloodbenders" with its score'esque fusion of Clicks'n'Cuts, digital sweeps and Noize are on a more free floating path and can be seen as a thrilling sequence of sonic events rather than playing by the book of compository rules whilst the under 3 minutes piece "Lethe" provides tense, misty atmospheres of lurking threats and "Martyrs" starts out as hefty Noize attack which evolves into a ethereal, well-psychedelic arrangement of spaced out strings for Deep Listening lovers. "Dendrite" is dealing with electrical buzz, cold droning and scientific pulses accompanied by icy layers of high frequency sounds and finally the "Nightingale" fuses Cold Ambient and tripping melodies for lovers of old sci-fi scores. Defo a good one here. 


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