Tuesday, February 16, 2016

United Sounds Of Joy - United Sounds Of Joy [Bronze Rat Records 046]

Scheduled for February 26th, 2k16 via Bronze Rat Records is the release of the same titled debut album of United Sounds Of Joy, a new collaborational project formed between the former Dream City Film Club bandmates Michael J. Sheehy and Alex Vald. Now re-united, the pairing explores twisted spheres of off-kilter Ambient and Electronica-influenced structures falling together as an electronic equivalent to Shoegaze and adds a fragile, intimate layer of Campfire Indie and introspective Pop vocals on top. In songs like "The Sun That Hides A Darker Star" some dubby features come into play alongside beautiful guitar delays, creating a score'esque feel, the "Dust Veil" deals with the crestfallen greyscale of experimental (No)Wave / PostPunk alongside spoken vocals before the soft, melodic chorus caters some hope and relief for a short while and "Wounded Moon" is a tender-hearted, lugubrious ballad for the insomniac and nightmare-ridden. "She Sets The Stars In Motion" can be filed under the flag of Pop Noir, "I Hear Her Call My Name" comes across in a more hopeful, positive and benign manner, the "Queen Of The Seven Dials" lives in a world of crackling, joyful Psychedelia and "Free To Fall" concludes this journey with a feel evoking memories of lazy summer sunsets, deep campfire talks and riding off into the desert, seeking for new adventures. Tres cool, this is. 


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