Saturday, January 23, 2016

Puts Marie - Masoch I - II [Two Gentlemen Promo]

Soon to be released on the Lausanne-based label Two Gentlemen is "Masoch I - II", the third album in fifteen years produced and recorded by Puts Marie, one of the most unusual band outfits Switzerland has to offer. Meandering between bluesy, plangent, inward-looking Rock accompanied by Max Usata's often high-pitched vocals and dirty, down-to-earth distortion excess with a well psychedelic Desert Rock attitude before gravitating towards HipHop-/Crossover-influenced Alternative or cool as fuck College Rock as served in "Obitiuaries". In the epic "All Yours Am I" we'll even find a hidden tribute to Metallica, "Tell Her To Come On Home" has a kinda The Doors-y feel and the "Horse Gone Far" is a captivating, yet desperate Blues vs. Psychedelia crossover that makes us wanna drink gallons of bourbon and feel the beloved, yet edacious weltschmerz whilst missing a kindred spirit or significant other - and this is what the whole album is made for, to be a companion in old and lonely winter nights. Great!


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