Thursday, January 21, 2016

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra / Christian Wallumrød - Untitled Arpeggios And Pulses [Hubro Music Promo]

Scheduled for January 29th, 2k16 via the Norwegian Hubro Music label is "Untitled Arpeggios And Pulses", a full longplay album piece commissioned by 1971-born composer Christian Wallumrød for and as a part of the fluctuating Trondheim Jazz Orchestra when the Kongsberg Jazz Festival celebrated its 50 years anniversary back in 2014. Consisting of four segments the album is based around the general theme of steady repetition in flux, with "Part 1" being built on a foundation of blitheful piano motifs layered and accompanied by oscillating tuba drones that lead into the nearly twentythree, more melancholic and ruminative minutes of "Part 2" in which the simple beauty of piano purism is joined by harpsichord and twang guitar as well as several layers of mechanical and technical sounds alongside haunting off kilter tones originating from abused instruments and extensive fingerpicking techniques. Going into "Part 3" we see abstract rhythms and digitally processed sounds take over whilst the acoustic part of the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra tends to only accentuate the multilayered cacophonia of electronics and military snare rolls that evolves and mutates into the more festive, yet not solemn "Part 4" - an amalgamation that surely can be filed under the flag of repetition fueled Industrial Jazz for funerals, the ultimate climax of this album and an intense fest of a track in its own right which, taken as a single piece alone, makes this album worthwhile for a reason. 


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