Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Driftmachine - Eis Heauton [Hallow Ground Promo]

After having announced the appearance of a new Driftmachine track in January we're now taking a closer look on their new vinyl release entitled "Eis Heauton" which was put on the circuit via Hallow Ground on February 26th, 2k16. Featuring a whole set of four tracks rolled out over a little more than half an hour we see the duo of Florian Zimmer and Andreas Gerth explore dark, spatial and dubby electronics in a way of setting the technical parameters on their modular system before the self-generating patches start to do the talking. Following this approach throughout the whole EP we find "Rungler Statik" working both advanced dancefloors as well as braincells of those loving labels like Sähkö Recordings, Isolate Records, Imbalance Computer Music or Raster Noton right, "Das Trunkene Schiff" provides Ambient experimentalism with a swampy, resounding twist and the "Sunlit Reverie" brings deep melodic bass attacks alongside siren'esque modulations and contemplative hypnoticism for all lovers of braincell-stimulating ChillOut sessions. Finally we see the title track "Eis Heauton" providing a tense, partly scientific take on Ambient music led by sterile bleeps, overwhelming bass waves and most beautiful strings segments triggering your inner cinema for a reason. Highly recommended!


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