Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Frank Benkho - A Trip To The Space (Between) [Clang Records 037 Promo]

To be released on April 1st, 2k16 via Clang Records is Frank Benkho's sophomore release on the ever active imprint in which the project founder Mika Martini continues his explorations in free improvisation on analogue instruments and FX over the course of six tracks, building a science-fiction score of a kind with his vast array of machines including Cacophonetor II, Doepfer Dark Time, Lovetone Wobulator, Serge Modular and many more and taking us on a journey through our solar system and beyond. Incorporating bits of floating Space Ambient, scientific bleeps, epic athmospheres ("Deep Love Beneath Earth"), dangerously tilting machinery on repeat ("Jogging On Venus"), electric buzzes meets Clicks'n'Cuts on overload ("The Space Between Us"), dark, dystopian loops of growing intensity leading into grinding technoid slo-mo ("No Money, No Planet") as well as lessons in dubbed out Deep Listening Music ("The Brightest Object On The Night Sky") "A Trip To The Space (Between)" defo holds a lot to enjoy for the advanced listener of experimental electronic music and therefore can be recommended as one release to check out when put on the circuit throughout the next days.


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