Friday, April 29, 2016

The Dwarfs Of East Agouza - Bes [Nawa Recordings 005 Promo]

After we've already announced the forthcoming arrival of The Dwarfs Of East Agouza's new, and first ever, album "Bes" on Nawa Recordings by posting their "Baka Of The Future" in early March 2k16 we join the trio, based in Cairo / Egypt and consisting of Maurice Louca, Sam Shalabi and Alan Bishop, on a mind-bending, feverish trip into meandering musical fusions based upon classic Egyptian influences, North African drumming and 70s Psychedelia, with or without taking its relation to certain psychoactive substances into consideration. In tunes like the ever building "Clean Shahin" we see tribal ritualisms come into play whilst being amalgamated with krauty guitar progressions, the 16+ minutes of "Where's Turbo?" can be described as nice contrast of fast-paced drums, glittering synth works and pensive Instrumental Ethno-Blues when it comes to the use of twanging, ever changing guitar motifs which live by repetetion and alteration before breaking down into a massive, dreamy fuzz to finally change the whole tunes musical direction in the final four minutes. Skipping into the second CD of this double album feature we're taken on a massive 35 minutes freestyle jam in the central piece "Museum Of Strangers" which is a perfect example of  intense dusty, desert melancholia - a stream of sonic events including thrilling and spine-tingling rapids that soon spread out into FreeJazz improvisations, recapturing that special desert road vibe again, branching out into Ambient and free experimentalisms with surface noises and crackling frequencies before finally jamming off into eternity. We do like this.   


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