Thursday, June 30, 2016

New Rome - Nowhere [Room40 478 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Australia's Room40-imprint on May 20th, 2016 is "Nowhere", a new release from the vaults of the Polish composer Tomasz Bednarczyk who is making a debut here under his new production moniker New Rome which is schooled by classic Ambient structures as well as blurry, yet beautiful harmonies of a calming nature, accompanied by little surface noise and crackles, little overall movements and a slightly autumnal feel that - for some reason - evokes both memories of Dawid Szczesny's 2005 Supralinear-released debut "Unheard Treats" which is another fellow composer from Poland as well as Boards Of Canada's legendary "Music Has The Right To Children" album minus the beats - two references we refer to as nothing but amazing albums in their own right. With "Beginning" we even see ever moving synth bits getting more lively without ever leaving Ambient territorities, "Turpentine" introduces a little turbulence and slightly disharmonic, glitchy or at least off-kilter arrangements to more advanced listeners ears,"Venus" brings in more of a more ruminant and early morning ritual-referencing approach for lovers of original Ambient sounds and the 142 seconds of "Dive" even bring on a light Electronica-related pulse for harmonic pre-dawn movements. But these are only a few tracks picked from an album that we do refer to as must hear for all those loving calm, electronic music and Chill Out these days. Check!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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