Thursday, June 23, 2016

Protein - The Secret Garden [Schamoni Musik / Alien Transistor Promo]

Just put on the circuit as a collaborational joint between Schamoni Musik and Alien Transistor is Protein's new 12" EP "The Secret Garden", a four track piece which actually happens to be the soundtrack for Nana Dix' short film of the same title. This short film is also included here on a bonus DVD - which unfortunately didn't work with our laptop's drive - and so is an additional art booklet featuring stills of the movie and adding a visual layer to this release put on the circuit as a limited edition print run of 100 hand-numbered copies only. Referencing both legendary Krautrock outfit Harmonia and Electronica Dub pioneer Vladislav Delay on the hype sticker listening to the four tracks entitled "Black", "Blue", "Green" and "Purple" makes it pretty obvious where these references are coming from. Somewhat meandering in between organic, Dub-infused Electronica and warm Indietronics all four tracks provide a floating, yet lively vibe matching both highly advanced late night dancefloors as well as sophisticated Ambient / Chill Out floors in combining a steadily pulse and widespread, levitating harmonies provided by guitars and their echo modifications as well as by an all embracing sub foundation and the occasional additional found sound whilst avoiding pure repetition and sterile, loop-based production. Instead, we're witnessing a constant evolutionary flow that might be influenced by genres like PostRock or Instrumental Desert Blues in a tune like "Blue" whilst "Green" brings in a ruminant campfire feel with its syncopated, slightly off-kilter off beats and backward played elements before "Purple" even incorporates MicroHouse-infused balearisms for more club-orientated folks out there. Sweet one!


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