Friday, July 08, 2016

Laurent Perrier - Plateforme #2 [Baskaru 039]

Recently put out on the circuit via Baskaru as the labels 039 is "Plateforme #2", the follow up release to Laurent Perrier's 2014-album "Plateforme #1" in which the French artist introduced his concept of so-called 'one-way collaboration'. What this means is that Mr. Perrier uses a raw recording of another artists representative sound world as source material to create a piece of his own without aiming to reproduce the style of the specific artist / composer. Starting with "Francisco Lopez" we're getting a sparse, cold and sterile interpretation of experimental electronic music bringing us short spine-tingling swells of dynamics and "Tom Recchion" starts off on a similar tip, adds some backward sequences and twists of modular synthesis before abrupt Noize eruptions and eerie droning come into play, bringing surprising twists and even some scenic, slightly score'esque moments of string-infused beauty. Finally "Christian Zanesi" takes us on a 24+ minutes journey into more digital realms, opening with a short, yet harsh sequence of Noize, gravitating towards Clicks'n'Cuts aesthetics for a while, paying homage to releases like Aube's "Deglaze" thereafter and cutting up these various approaches in the following to create an interesting, yet not always coherent and easy to follow conceptual path for die-hard fans of electronic experimentalism.

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