Friday, July 29, 2016

Mouse On Mars - Lichter [Infinite Greyscale 010 Promo]

Recently coming in from our favorite Berlin-based 10" focused imprint Infinite Greyscale is "Lichter", the most recent release created by longtime electronic music ambassadors Mouse On Mars. Pressed on beautiful diaphanous pink vinyl, produced by Thomas Knoefel and mastered by Cem Oral a.k.a. Jammin Unit at his very own Jammin Masters studio the infamous pairing of Jan St. Werner and Andi Thoma are taking us on a 13 minute spanning trip into krautsy, well hypnotic Electronica realms here that is, despite relying on clean, buzzing synths reminiscent of the scientific approach once found in the ultradigital Clicks'n'Cuts genre layered on top of loose, slightly ritualistic drum sequences instead of the organic, PostRock-y textures of their early works, a well logical sequel to classic Mouse On Mars tunes like the 1995-released "Papa, Antoine", especially with decent background strings and a slightly dubbed out feel appearing in the last third of the tune which, at this stage, reaches a level of multi-layered, post-chaotic abstraction that will surely please not only the band's most dedicated followers but also those still loving the hollow, muffled and slowed down breakbeats of the NYC Illbient scene ca. the late 90s. Thrilling stuff.  


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