Friday, April 04, 2014

Wrangler - LA Spark [MemeTune Records Promo]

Scheduled for May 5th is "LA Spark", the new album of the triple-headed all star group named Wrangler consisting of Cabaret Voltaire's Stephen Mallinder, Phil Winter of Tunng and Ben Edwards a.k.a. Benge who is releasing this eight track piece via his very own label MemeTune Records. Together they're exploring a cold and clean field of Post-EBM / Industrial that's clearly referring to Mallinder's history in the beloved, legendary and groundbreaking Cabaret Voltaire but with a modernistic, more minimalistic twist that goes, maybe also due to recent recording techniques and technological progressions, way deeper than any CV release ever did. With essential core tracks like "Mus IIC" unveiling spiralling hypnosis appealing to Armchair and Intelligent Techno headz as well as to EBM lovers alike, the dry and dark, robotic vibe of "Space Ace" with its NuBeat bleeps and haunting vocal efforts and stripped down RoboPhonk of "Harder" and the tense isolationist, futuristic and uber-cold Ambient SciFi vibes transmitted from the closing tune ironically named "Peace& Love" "LA Spark" turns out to be one of the rarely appearing albums that are not to be missed for any reason. Absolutely great and timeless.


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