Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dan O'Connor - IN / EX [Tone List 001]

Coming in from Perth, Western Australia is the solo debut of the 1989-born Dan O'Connor, a professional trumpet player who uses his instrument to create the most unusual compositions we've heard in a while. Instead of catering experimental, highly twisted or complex, Free Jazz-oriented trumpet tones on this limited to 100 copies CD-r edition the artist focuses on the rendering of individual breaths, using each and every one of these 17 single takes to create a unique sequel of often squeezed, high pitched improvisations and / or blow sounds a.k.a. "IN / EX"-halations all reflecting upon the maximum intensity and exhaustion that appears when a trumpet player takes things to, or even beyond, his physical limits. Defo an impressive body of work, especially when considering that the total runtime of the album does not exceed the 13 minutes mark but still feels way longer and defo more intense than the majority of longplay pieces released these days. If you're knee deep into very core of experimental music, this defo is an album to check out for a reason.


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