Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ariel Guzik - Cordiox [Von Archives 023 Promo]

Recently released via the Von Archives label is Ariel Guzik's new album "Cordiox", an album named after the instrument going by the same name that's driven and inspired by an idea brought to life by Gugliemo Marconi, who is known as the inventor of modern day radio transmission. Marconi presumed - or envisioned - that any sound ever created never fully trails away but keeps afloat in the atmosphere, a continuous background noise that, at some point in time, could be deciphered by a technology that's about follow up his very own invention. Coming from this point of view Ariel Guzik came up with the idea of the Cordiox instrument which, although its true technical specs remain unveiled, functions or at least sounds like an eternal resonator, providing echoes of echoes of echoes of every sound ever made. The result is - as one might guess - not harsh and overwhelming at all but more resembling the Drone-like vibrations of humongous metal plates in a clear and empty space. Vibrations of a calm, contemplative and often harmonic, sometimes even slightly melodic, nature that - somehow - evoke memories of the everlasting 'Ommmmm' sound used in meditations. This said, the sound provided on "Cordiox" is pretty close to what might be referred to as an inertial, lava-like stream of classical, very minimalistic Ambient music that provides only a few alterations over the average tracks runtime of 10+ minutes but therefore will be well received by die-hard genre connaisseurs and / or lovers of Drone for a reason. Good stuff to come down and find oneself again after a busy, hectic day. Check.           


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