Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ingar Zach - Le Stanze [Sofa Music]

Released in early October via the Norwegian Sofa Music label is Ingar Zach's fifth solo album on which he refines and specifies his unique approach towards experimental minimalism and super sparse sound recording that might be defined as Skeletal Jazz by some. The first of four tracks on this piece is "La Bugia Dello Specchio" which is based on brushes and rare, scattered drum / snare eruptions whilst "Il Batito Del Vichinga" starts on a more lively tip using and abusing bells, cowbells and chimes alongside a steady atmospheric drone and driving live drums in the lower sound spectrum to slowly fade out and calm down after approx 7 minutes, providing a more Ambient- / Field Recording-flavored atmosphere for the rest of the tunes 15 minutes play time. Furthermore "L'Inno Dell' Oscurita" caters a menu of fright-inducing, highly intense metallic scraping and squealing that 's defo not made to please the weak and instable amongst the listeners of experimental music and the concluding 11+ minutes of "E Solitudine" are focusing on electrical buzzing of ever changing intensity that, surprisingly, brings in a feel of warmth and comfyness instead of referring to the cold, digital world the original sound source might come from. Spread out over a playtime of 38 minutes these four tracks, as diverging as their musical approach might seem, fall together as a quite interesting longplay journey for those who like to explore the more leftfield side of the experimental music spectrum for sure, being a little off the more Ambient driven path we've seen in past Sofa Music releases we've reviewed.

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