Friday, September 30, 2016

Bader Motor - Drei Drei Drei [Veals & Geeks 017 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Belgium-based imprint Veals & Geeks on August 18th, 2k16 is "Drei Drei Drei", the new album crafted by Bader Motor - an outfit consisting of Arnaud Magnet, Vincent Epplay and the great Fred Bigot. Whilst we've already announced the arrival of this album, especially the video for the tune "Bongo Bongo Bongo", on another platform earlier this month we're now taking a closer look at the seven tracks which are making up the full album. Whilst the thrilling opening sequence named "Prima Belladonna" doesn't rely on any beats at all but still evokes a feel of lurking danger in alien, unexplored territories we see "Disappear In America" gravitate towards seemingly drum machine-based NoWave-infused Indie with a hint of down to earth BluesRock before a "New Diamond Day" fuses the art of Dub with minimalistic PostPunk in super slow motion to create quite a dark'ish and haunting overall atmosphere. When it comes to the following "Je Pleure Une Lotte 49" we see quite a bit of Art School approach meeting the Ingenious Dilletantes vibe and echoes of Minimal Wave. "I Saw You" is about to explore the mostly guitar-based instrumental side of spaced out krautsiness and quirky (neo)cosmicisms although heavily altered vocals are used like additional instruments here and the aforementioned "Bongo Bongo Bongo" caters more than 8 minutes of mental Space Rock for high speed autobahn trips that are surely made more fun by the use of certain substances with slightly psychedelic or even hallucinogenic effects. With "The Haunted Room" coming across more like an intense snippet from a horror flic score that's about to be loved by followers of bands like Sunn o))) for a reason it's up to "Your Word Or Mine?" to conclude this eight track album on an intense level of psyched out bluesiness for all those twisted, twisted minds out there. Interesting stuff, this. 


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