Saturday, October 01, 2016

Soft Grid - Corolla [Antime 018 Promo]

After having already announced the arrival of Soft Grid's forthcoming album "Corolla" on Antime through posting the video for their massive tune "Herzog On A Bus", also the opener for this longplay piece, in late August we're now thrilled to check out the full five track piece which sits somewhat in between being an EP and a full longplay effort. Apart from the intense, super thrilling opening tune we see the subsequent "Hospital Floor" focusing on spine-tingling, multilayered vocal harmonies and innocent, in parts even tender and fragile, folksy instrumentation before immediately bursting into heavy riffing and wall of noise'esque Garage Rock towards the tune's end. The prominent 12+ minutes composition "Minus Planet" meanders in between calm, spaced out Indietronics, elements of feedback heavy PostRock and short sequences of dancey, fiddle-infused Folk harking back to ancient traditions. Inspecting "Two Barrels Of Oil" we'll find a blurred, slightly Lynch'esque sonic vision of some romantic quality whilst the title track bursts into a well-chromatic, playful array for advanced PostPunk dancefloors, filled with an audience fond of retrofuturistic synth bleeps and other sonic wizzardry. Nice and unique stuff, this is.


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