Sunday, November 27, 2016

The 808 Hillbillys - Untitled 2 EP [Psychocandies 046]

Coming up with a new EP on the mainly Acid-focused Psychocandies imprint are the 808 Hillbillys which are presenting a bunch of three brand new, and of course untitled, tunes to all those discovering new music in the digital realm only. With "Untitled 1" the project gets down on a dry, slightly Tribal-infused Acid / Techno path reminiscent to Steve Stoll's work under his Datacloud alias on Probe Records back in 1992, "Untitled 2", a nearly 11 minutes effort,  is a more spaced out affair crossing over between gooey, acidic Ambient, 'troity flavours and deep Electro, catering great vibes for highly advanced dancefloors whilst the final cut "Untitled 3" sets all floors into bouncing motion after a few seconds due to its positive, uplifting and short-looped structure, spiralling sound movements and twisted, electroid rhythm patterns. This is good stuff.


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