Thursday, December 01, 2016

3cloneB - The DS War EP [Psychocandies 048]

Put on the circuit via the Psychocandies-imprint only last week is the new digital three track single by 3cloneB going by the name of "The DS War EP" and featuring three tunes of the exact same name. Whilst "DS War Part 1" caters a menu of harsh'n'heavy, brutally distorted Slo-Mo Techno with hints of Acid we see "DS War Part 2" riding a similar vibe based on a foundation of minimalist Electro and squealing musical madness for those loving their underground MonoAcid to the max before "DS War Part 3" introduces a new stomping permutation of spiralling and well-psychedelic subaquatic Alien Techno to the scene that might well appeal to followers of Drexciyan tech outings for a reason. Good stuff.


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