Friday, March 03, 2017

baze.djunkiii Charts 03/2017

01. Dr. NoiseM - Perculator [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]
See review for details...

02. Dave Angel - Incoming EP Vol. 1 [Halocyan Records]
Dave Angel has been a staple in the electronic music scene throughout the past 25 years and still is able to provide thrilling dancefloor masterpieces up to this day. With the original version of "Portrait" featured on the A-side of this, of course cyan-coloured, 12" he's at his best amalgamating a soft-spoken, deep Techno vision and complex, intertwined melodies with a slightly melancholic, Detroit-influenced twist whilst adding a captivating bass motif to the equation which will be highly appreciated not only by global Techno crowds but also by rudebwoy junglists and SpeedGarage / Bassline House afficionados due to its well-addictive, overwhelming nature. On the flip we see Hackmann on remix duties, taking things up a more House-orientated alley and catering nice shimmering cascades of sparkling sounds as well as a playful, distinct main melody for grooving late night DJ sessions.

03. Asylum Seekers - Hardcore House EP [First Cask 013]
Seemingly repressed or at least re-appeared on the surface is Asylum Seeker's "Hardcore House EP" which originally was put on the circuit via the First Cask-imprint ten years ago. Similar to his release on B Rave Records in 2003 we see Mr. Ed DMX, the man behind the Asylum Seekers moniker, perfectly emulating the sound and feel of the early 90s UK Breakbeat / UK Hardcore scene on the EPs main tunes whilst adding a bit of a early Happy House flavour to others and providing nothing short of a sonic fest for all the real ravers out there. Defo a banger.

04. Bogus Order - The Bullnose Step EP [Ahead Of Our Time 005 Promo]
See review for details...

05. Dirty Harry - Luv Mode [Henry Street Music]
One great, yet dangerous thing about these days is the fact that the electronic music things has grown to a point and an age in which a lot of classic labels are repressing a bunch - or even loads - of their 90s releases which I've obviously missed out on due to my young age at that point in time. So now it's the time to restock on tunes like Dirty Harry's "Luv Mode" - one decent House / DeepHouse cut amongst four on this lovely reissue, all of which meant to play an essential role in future DJ-sets of mine as I've recently rediscovered my love for classic US House Music of approx. 20+ years ago.

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