Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kiko Navarro - Everything Happens For A Reason [BBE Records Promo]

Forthcoming via BBE Records on March 24th, 2k17 is Kiko Navarro's latest album effort entitled "Everything Happens For A Reason", a sixteen track longplay piece catering both the artists solo works as well as collaborational tunes created alongside vocalists and producers like DJ Spen, Boris Dlugosch, Paco Colombas, Isis 'Apache' Montero and many more. Opening with an epic string sequence and classic Latin House percussions we see "All Because Of You" immediately turning into a groovy BrokenBeat affair with large scale vocals by Julie McKnight, paving the way for things to come, for a journey between high quality, laid back lounging and a grooving, open minded dancefloor capable to deal with straight 4/4s as well as various Breakbeat variations, Afro-inspired / -influenced rhythm signatures and even jacking AcidHouse lines as the follow up "Twilight" seems to prove, a tune that seems to come across as a quite surprising second one but perfectly keeps up the positive vibe, not only due to serving more panoramic strings but moresoever due to its playful, organic DeepHouse piano lines. "Right On" pleases lovers of classic (Deep)House and caters heaploads of sweet'n'soulful vocals by Hanlei which, from our perspective, are a little too over the top although we love the tunes' bubbling 303 ornaments, "I Can Show You The Way" goes up a straight, early 90s ClubHouse alley spreading nothing but high end positivity, a path continued by the well-uplifting pads meet Acid variation on House music named "What We Need" which might be one of our favorite tunes on this album. "Black Is Black", a collaboration with Hamburg's own Boris Dlugosch, amalgamates a little more uptempo attitude with sugary, balearic vibes melodywise, the albums title track "Everything Happens For A Reason" introduces deep, all embracing bass warps, Detroit-orientated piano lines and mystic vocal backings whereas "Lo Siento" weighs in more of a dramatic Latin vibe although, for the second time up to this point, we'd be more likely to opt in for an instrumental version of the tune for a reason. Furthermore "La Cosa" takes the - now instrumental - Latin route again to a more stripped down and funkier effect that makes this tune another favorite of ours, "Ohashiah" caters more mystic background vocals and an uplifting, elastic synth motif for lively dancefloors, "Twi-Reprise" provides a cinematic Ambient score which allows the listener to take a deep, lovely breath for nearly three minutes before "Cranc" hypes peaktime crowds with a quite muscular take on pumping ChicagoHouse with loads of knob-tweaking modulations and a floating, slightly early Trance-reminiscing synth line. Looking at "Humanity" we find a series of free associations on a foundation of solid, deep ass bass heavy House music which brings joy to late night dancefloors and the so-called 'Orchestral Version' of "Sonando Contigo" seems to be more of an - well... - orchestral, melancholia-infused LatinPop tune at first before a pumping, yet playful 4/4 and brass stabs lead folks onto the dancefloor, although the very unique voice of female singer Concha Buika might not be everyones cup of tea for sure. Finally the "Painful Goodbye" is the musical equivalent of a hot, groovy summer night on a Balearic House tip before the Outro cut named "Adolescence" waves goodbye with a calm and peacefully floating Ambient / Downtempo variation of a playful kind. If you love your positive and mostly estival vibes in electronic and especially House music this release will defo be a valuable addition to your collection for sure.                

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