Thursday, March 30, 2017

Svarte Greiner - Moss Garden [Miasmah Recordings 037 Promo]

Coming in as a late promo a few months after the albums release in November 2k16 is Svarte Greiner's latest longplay effort entitled "Moss Garden". Put on the circuit via Miasmah Recordings we see Erik K Svodin, the man behind the Svarte Greiner moniker, cater two long, well-crafted compositions for all lovers of mostly experimental electronic music on this piece. With "The Marble" we're entering the realm of calm, beautiful and slowly evolving Ambient /  Deep Listening Music with a hint of a gloomy twist, a realm in which time dissolves quickly and one's mind starts hovering, floating way above the endless void known as the unknown universe. "Garden", the second tune on the album, starts on a darker, more uneasy tip, presenting pulses of harsh metallic clanging on top of a deep, highly intense bass drone which, when consumed via headphones, causes a feel of numbing dizzyness that stays present even through more peaceful, less low frequency-heavy Ambient-infused parts to be found throughout the second half of the composition. Recommended. 


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