Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dans Les Arbres - Phosphorescence [Hubro Music]

To be released via Hubro Music on March 31st, 2k17 is Dans Les Arbres new album effort named "Phosphorescence" in which we see the quartet consisting of Ivar Grydeland, Ingar Zach, Christian Wallumrød and Xavier Charles stretch out four compositions over the length of roughly 34 minutes total. With the opener "Sciure" they set the tone to a brooding, dark'ish variation of pulsating sub-heavy (Un)Ambient with layers of moanful motifs and a mood change towards melancholia-induced, yet eerie calmness around mid-track. The eleven minutes of "Flourescent" follow up with more dark tension whilst field recorded sounds are scarcely scattered over the course of the tune, low electronic pulses provide a heartbeat-resembling ebb and flow whilst minimalist use of piano, wind instruments and others create a Dark Jazz / Film Noir'esque atmosphere which would well serve the purpose of a score for an experimental short film shot in black and white in terms of aesthetics. Furthermore there's "Luminiscent", a composition surely in a happier, yet still melancholic place built from multiple layers of what seem to be sampled bells or bell-like sounds from various sources to a ruminant, partly even zen-like effect whilst the title track "Phosphorescent" follows a similar path soundwise but focuses on a slower, dreamlike variation playing around with sounds allover the full stereo field, adds hisses, prepared piano tones, gongs and seemingly ritualistic percussion bursts as well as plenty of room for sequential silence despite adding more and more layers to the deep, essentially thrilling overall soundscape. Great stuff.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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