Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Concrescence - Diaphragma [Anna Macht Urlaub]

Released lately via the Gutenstetten-based imprint Anna Macht Urlaub is "Diaphragma", the latest and limited album effort by Concrescence which is the musical moniker of the author and writer Ales Pickar. Put on the circuit as a limited to 30 copies cassette tape edition and featuring an overall count of seven tracks we see the album pursue a very classical, natural approach towards Ambient music in terms of slow musical progressions, calmly pulsing structures and naturalistic, sometimes even light-hearted spring-like vibes like the ones to be found in the albums second tune "Aquamarine", followed by the more solemn - and titlewise Munich-reminiscing - "Isarauen" which might be a musical meditation on the artists Munich-years. The last tune on the A-side of the tape is "Nadir", a 10+ minutes tune fusing Ambient and (Neo)Cosmic whilst entering the "Troposphere" on side B caters a fascinating, dreamlike journey into an ever transforming sonic bubble formed of a steady subfrequent synth drone and fragile background atmospheres. "Cloud Drift" goes down a little darker and noisier route in the tracks beginning albeit incorporating epic strings constructions, playful background beats and tender piano notes later before the final cut and title track "Diaphragma" amalgamates thundering drums, dramatic clarions and the tense atmosphere of ancient alien swamps to a spine tingling end sequence for all those loving their underground Deep Listening Music for a reason. Check!

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