Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Egidija Medeksaite - Tekstile | Textile [Music Information Centre Lithuania]

Recently released via the Music Information Centre Lithuania-imprint is "Tekstile | Textile", the first ever album output by Lithuanian composer Egidija Medeksaite who's dedicated her compositional work to translating geometric textile patterns into sound art. Based on the process of mapping those patterns onto musical parameters of a determined kind and following up with several other composition techniques Egidija Medeksaite intends to write her pieces for various arrangements, e.g. the albums title track "Textile" for two pianos as a beautiful, neoclassical suite which is ear-pleasing yet ever changing at the same time. Following up is "Oscillum", a twelve minutes piece for cello which presents itself dark and growling like a threat from ancient times slowly moving and grunting miles below the earths surface whilst "Akasha" touches the borders of eerie Dark Ambient and Drone with additional bits of a haunted orchestra shining through here and there. Furthermore we've got "Pratiksha", a piece of serial qualities performed by a well recognizable, yet well out of tune string section and piano to a nerve-wrecking effect, "Textile 2" is more of a solemn affair written for multi-layered choir and "Sandhi Prakash" tells tales of imminent danger in a world of post-apocalyptic ruins whilst the final cut "Scintilla" pleases all those loving their classical,slightly kitsch-heavy Ambient music to the max. Defo a recommended and well-varied debut album, this.

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