Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kings Of Edelgran - Kings Of Edelgran [self-released]

Coming in from Belgium a few weeks ago was this, obviously self-titled and self-released, album by a band outfit going by the name of Kings Of Edelgran which have been active on the local circuit since 2013 and seemingly seem to put their music into a drawer labelled with Polar Indie Rock. Curious what the heck this might be coming down to we're starting the approx. 47 minutes a.k.a. ten tracks journey with a tune named "Volcano", opening with soft pads, a syncopated downtempo beat and blurry, yet ethereal vocals to pave the way for things to come, finding its continuation in "Tephra", a soft, yet drumroll-driven excursion into the bands very own sonic realm surely evoking memories of if not the arctic at least Scandinavia for several reasons. "Fire And Gold" brings in a livelier vibe for what one might be describe as advanced Indie dancefloors, "Walking, WI" is more of a Blues-informed, near acoustic affair with an inward looking twist and surprising change of focus throughout its second half, "The Gate" gives us more of the bands trademark multi-layered vocal style and the nice contrast of contemplative atmosphere, slightly distorted guitars and a hard hitting drum foundation "Up North" turns out to be best accompanied by a glass of smokey bourbon or rye whiskey. Furthermore "Fillan" presents an epic, even cinematic take on Indie music and surely is the secret hidden gem of this album with its fragile intro sequence and well muscular, electronic sounding beats, "Kor Isen" weighs in a little more than two minutes of pure instrumental beauty for  romantic dreamers, "Askja" stays on a romantic tip although gravitating towards an overwhelming, masterly produced wall of sound attitude on top of uptempo drums and  the final cut "Lone (Barbeit)" closes the longplay piece on a a cosy and calm, all embracing vibe. So let me know - why aren't these guys signed to a label yet?

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