Monday, April 03, 2017

Teengirl Fantasy - 8 a.m. [Planet µ 377 Promo]

Recently released via Mike Paradinas' Planet µ-label is Teengirl Fantasy's "8 a.m." album, the duo's third one within a seven years timespan. The twelve tracks journey starts with "Glare", setting the tone for a descent into deep, blurred out and surely neon coloured dreams continued in "Crash Soft", a tune that might be best described as a dancier, more modernistic take on Vaporwave whilst the following "Telepaths" stay on a dreamy tip but gravitates more towards dubbed out elements and PostStep musically. "We Out" combines classic IDM with Trap, Vaporwave and misty non-vocalisms for a tumblr generation on acid, "It Was Already Light Out" weighs in heavy, hyper-compressed bassdrums as a contrast to layers of harmonic sonic striations, "Where I Went" is a short, comforting journey into the ambiance of a digital mothers womb and "All Of The Time" seems to be the first tune aiming at the dancefloors of trippy underwater raves sporting driving pulses and busy layers of trance-inducing, cascading melodies rolled out atop of colourful atmospheres and Dubstep-influenced beat structures emerging after two thirds of the tunes runtime. More epic, fascinating cascades are to be found in "Star-rise", a tune defo made to set highly advanced dancefloors in motion, whilst "Don't" pleases followers of more Downtempo-orientated tunes without giving in to any cliche related to this genre at all. Furthermore "Seeds", the only vocal tune on here featuring Khalif Jones on microphone duties, turns out to be a little kitsch-driven bedroom bass tune on a super soft, yet late night floor suitable tip, "En Route" brings us a quite unexpected Electronica hit tune for IDM raves and the concluding "Wet Eyes And Exhilaration" goes down on a quite mysterious, tense and spine-tingling alley, twisting its seductive main motif and killing sound systems with tripping glitches, masterly crafted Breakbeats and heavy waves of organic bass for those in the know. This is different. This is good.   


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