Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 054]

Another fresh release by the production force that  is Meppen's Sascha Müller is his fiftyfourth consecutively untitled album on his self-owned and -run Supersix Records Extra-imprint. Once again weighing in twelve brand new tracks we start into the albums journey with "All Fucked Up", a heavily distorted HardTechno tune for the darkest hours of underground raving whilst "Bianca" takes on a more stripped down, subquatic approach towards Techno and presents some soft morphing scuba stabs in combination with a slightly clumsy antigroove for audiences lost in the realms of electronic sound creation. The "Caterpillar" brings forth a Techno vision which is dry, funky and ultrafunctional like the best late 90s productions by Cisco Ferreira a.k.a. The Advent, "Chain Reaction" continues on this path whilst catering a busy main motif to the tool-loving  jocks out there, "Come Get It" gets deep into muscular Tribal- / LatinHouse territories for high octane-fueled nightclubs in NYC and the "Crackle Box I" introduces psyched out distortion waves to dry Techno minimalisms... and well weird mechanical hihat programming on top of a clean, futuristic overall feel. Furthermore "Der Schieber" is a hard banging and merciless peak time Techno affair for the headstrong, "Droid 01" introduces straight up RoboTech from a dystopian future, "Energetic" redefines MinimalTrance and super sweet 8bit melodies for 2k17 and our  "First Contact" takes our mind into a state of hypnotic, grinding MonoAcid ecstasy. Towards the end of this album "Freedom" caters a hyperseductive late night groove that touches the borders of DubTechno before "Funky Fresh" provides more of a relaxed, laid back Downbeat vibe with a muscular touch for all those liking their shit dope as fuck. Good stuff.


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