Friday, May 26, 2017

DJ Marky - Influences Vol. 2: A Selection Of Drum'n'Bass, House, Brazilian And Disco [BBE Records]

It's been nine years since the Brazilian DJ and national icon DJ Marky who was - and still is - internationally recognized for his massive Drum'n'Bass smash "LK" taking the UK Top 20 Single Charts by storm released the first episode of his "Influences"-series back in 2008 and now he's back with a second take, once again providing proof that he and his wide-ranged musical taste is so much more than what he's best known for a.k.a. setting Drum'n'Bass raves on fire. Coming in on 2CD format including an eclectic eighteen tracks DJ mix and a twelve track unmixed CD his selection starts out on a Soul tip with Wiliam Devaughn's "Blood Is Thicker Than Water" to go into Funk and Acid Jazz with The Pasito Allstars' "Cosa Nostra", early 90s Hacienda House when we see the master Joey Negro remixing The Brand New Heavies feat. N'Dea Davenport and catering the Disco headz amongs us with the sweet vibes of "Switch (Instrumental Version)" by Benelux & Nancy Dee. From more discoid vibes his master mix soon progresses into anthemic HipHouse / PianoHouse with Phortune's "String  Free", a remix version of Maurice's all time favorite "This Is Acid" and Hardhouse's "Check This Out" before introducing one of Detroit great influential musical disguises known as Galaxy 2 Galaxy with "Timeline", getting back into Brazilian vibes later on only return to the anthems with the signature melody of "Found Love" provided by Double Dee feat. Dany. Making a surprising yet seductive transition into uptempo Brazil and Manfredo Fest's "Jungle Kitten" from there DJ Marky paves the way for the closing Drum'n'Bass section of this selection starting with Skanna's "Find Me" and another alltime classic that is Origin Unknown's "Truly One (Remix Pt. 1)" whilst providing some true hardsteppin Bristol flavor with so called 'DJ Die Gnarly Mix' of the Reprazent uberhit "Watching Windows" only to conclude the journey with the uplifting, soulfull feel of Influx Datum's "Meant Love". As additional bonus quite a bunch of these tracks are featured as full-length versions on the second part of this album pack like the superdope Soul of Esther Williams' "Last Night Changed It All", the sweet Freestyle Funk of The Armed Gang asking "Are You Ready" and of course the dry ChicagoAcid approach of "Clap Me" by Jack Frost And The Circle Jerks. More exclusive goodness is served with the stripped down, yet pumping House groove of Cultural Vibes "Ma Foom Bey" whilst Laurentius' "Karate Samba" provides pleasure for those knee deep into Latin / Brazilian-flavored House music before Dave Angel's seminal "Rotation", btw the very first release of his very own label of the same name back in 1993, proves how timelessness and a will to experiment can go hand in hand and are still well valid after nearly 25 years. A well eclectic and at the same time well thought out compilation that oozes with DJ Marky's deep knowledge and understanding of the (electronic) music scene as a whole that should standout as a great example for all young and aspiring DJ's and producers starting out these days. Excellent.


Anonymous Julia / BBE said...

Great review and I love the video! Thanks a lot!

3:57 PM  
Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

thank you! really good stuff in there

4:23 PM  

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