Sunday, June 18, 2017

Cakewalk - Ishihara [Hubro Music]

Released via the Norwegian Hubro Music-imprint on April 21st, 2k17 is "Ishihara", the third full length album by the trio known as Cakewalk which consists of Øystein Skar, Ivar Loe Bjørnstad and Stephan Meidell - a constellation with backgrounds in various fields of music which came together to explore unheard of sonic realms and cross- as well as beyond-genre pollution. The opening track delivers sonic havoc consisting of sirens, ill advised scratches, ProgRock-inspired drums, widescreen panorama layers and an overall Illbient-resembling attitude rolled out over a playtime of nearly nine minutes, "Shrooms" takes us into a world of 70s vintage synths, repetetive chords, flutes and mechanical drumming mixed up with a certain kind of robotic Funk, "Dome" weighs in heavy, doomed riffing that surprisingly leads to the most chill, spine-tingling, Downtempo-inspired variation on bluesy Desert Rock we've heard in ages before the "State" follows this example on a long stretched and more solemn, brooding level, garnished with bits and bops of ProgRock-influences. Furthermore "Apostrophe" seems to fuse elements of Krautrock with glittery synths and dreamy guitars before the final cut named "Rebound" is going to great lengths to redefine experimental epic for 2k17, providing a great, yet indescribable sonic soundscape that makes a great ending for this fascinating, well-varied longplay piece.

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