Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ezekiel Honig - A Passage Of Concrete [Anticipate Recordings 013]

Released on March 17th, 2k17 via his very own imprint Anticipate Recordings is "A Passage Of Concrete"  by LA-based producer Ezekiel Honig who is making a return to the longplay circuit with this one after six years of silence. Using and abusing field recorded textures from his hometown New York we see Ezekiel Honig presenting  way more than an album of pure experimentalism, opening with a hissing take on tender Indietronica / Post-PostRock named "Apartment Workshop", continues to walk this path on a super slow 4/4 Ambient Techno tip in "Visiting A Recent Past" which features quite a present layer of NYC street sounds and digs deep into electronic melancholia with the follow-up "Forest Of  Refractions". These first three tracks pave the way for everything that's to come, be it the processed romanticisms of "Fuge State Part 1", the tender Armchair Techno of "Gravity", the beauteous piano-based Electronica to be found in a "Museum Cavern" or the short, advanced dancefloor smashing late night Phonk of "Transient Economics" which, due to its sparse, uptempo and super dry beat structure is defo our favorite tune on "A Passage Of Concrete", an album defo recommended for both audiophiles and those enjoying their intimate, undisturbed listening sessions on a quiet sunday afternoon, giving in to heart-felt melancholia and a glass of red wine. Or two.   


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