Sunday, June 18, 2017

Chihei Hatekayama - Mirage [Room40 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Australian Room40-imprint on June 9th, 2k17 is "Mirage", the latest longplay work created by Japan's Chichei Hatekayama who is inspired by the interaction between architectural spaces and the human voice, or music, for this album. This theme has been dealt with in one way or the other for a long time but became the focus of Hatekayama's work throughout a field trip to Turkey a few years ago. Influenced by this experience he started to work on this actual nine-track longplay piece which starts with "Sad Ocean", a beautiful piece of classical Ambient which defo paves the way for all tracks to follow. No matter if it's "Starlight And Black Echo", the guitar and Field Recordings sporting "Distant Steam Train Whistle" or "A Silence Of Day", each and every track lives by slowly moving harmonies, beautifully layered soft pads and a deep, organic warmth lieing within that makes us feel all comfy and cosy and defo makes clear why Chihei Hatekayama is referred to as an Ambient maestro by many. So if you love your Ambient music right from the heart "Mirage" is defo a wortwhile addition to your collection.


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