Tuesday, June 13, 2017

1115 - Post-Europe [Alien Transistor]

Released via Alien Transistor on June 9th, 2k17 is "Post-Europe", the first full on album effort by the collaborational project 1115 consisting of the well established artists Fehler Kuti and Grey who are working on an unique and fascinating soundscape with this one. The opening tune "Gloom" combines elements of groovy MinimalTechno and Electronica Dub, "Camps & Jungles" rides on a similar wave albeit flirting with subaquatic Electro snares and highly experimental background nonvocalisms as well as quirky modulations similar to the works of artists like The Hieroglyphic Being, the "Imperial Luv" sees yearning, vocals crooning over a raw and fast-paced vision of Psychedelic Techno and "Boris Johnson Gave Me A Gun" comes down to a dry, lo-fi amalgamation of Electro, Illbient textures and highly drugged out robotic Soul. Furthermore "People Get Ready" takes raw, stripped down RoboPhonk to the next level whilst synthetic sirenas sing their songs of longing, indecipherable notes, "A Brown Baby Plan" includes Field Recordings, synth melancholia and more highly blurred Crooner Soul, "Calais 90210" is an epitome of kitsch-induced, electronic Bedroom Psychedelia and the tune named "Negerplastik" reveals raw, cinematic synth lines, mysterious vocal shiftings and a busy, rhythmic attitude for raves of a distant future. With "Ras The Destroyer" 1115 meet a buzzing entity consisting of highly active Ambient signals falling in place for being a perfect closing tune waving punters goodbye after a long night out, "...And I'm Not Scared To Use It" brings in quite a bit of muscular yet spaced out, IndieElectro-resembling, Industrial-heavy havoc on the dancefloor and going "Beyond Yr Black Ark" reveals the projects ambitions in romantic, analogue, vocal driven TechnoSoul. Interesting for sure, although this one might cater to a very specific audience looking for something completely unheard of after hearing it all in terms of electronic music.

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