Thursday, June 08, 2017

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess - Too [Jahmoni Music]

This is news. DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess is making a return to Munich's mighty Jahmoni Music label with her new 12" single entitled "Too", bringing us a unique sound vision shaped by and perfectly complementing her praised approach to DJ'ing and advanced club rockin'. With the A-side track "Too Long" the Dutch artist introduces a raw, uncut and cowbell-heavy Breakbeat style one could refer to as Future Tribal and caters an unprocessed, DIY-sound aesthetic one would be likely to find in productions related to the French teknival and soundsystem culture somewhat in the era between approx. 1998 to 2003. And one that would surely blend in nicely to a mix of such records from the deepest underground as well. On the flipside the opener "Too Trumpety" takes the basic drum rhythm up a speedier alley to create a more Africa-reminiscing, short-looped tribal pattern accompanied by honking, reprocessed trumpet-melancholia and hissing white noise meandering through the stereo field whilst "Too Long *Too Short Dub" provides more of an abstract, partly even jazzy approach towards non-conformist drum sequencing and the final cut "Too Scratched" is surely about to please all lovers of early Electronica / Ambient Dub as once provided by Pole in his legendary albums "1" and "2" although this track is too short by far and could've easily been stretched to a massive 20 minutes version for sure without boring listeners to death. Unique stuff from the very leftfield side of the electronic music spectrum.


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