Thursday, June 08, 2017

Moshimoss & Stabilo - FIIElI [Sound In Silence 037]

Incoming from Greece these days is 037 of the Sound In Silence-imprint which is presenting a collaboration of two Japanese artists, Moshimoss and Stabilo, who both are contributing two tracks to their first collaborational album - the cryptically named "FIIElI". Starting into the limited to 150 hand-numbered copies journey with the albums title track is Moshimoss, presenting a beautiful take on blurred, organic Piano Ambient mixed with what seem to be extracts from Field Recordings before Stabilo takes over with "Haust" for an excursion into classic Ambient atmospheres based on slowly flowing harmonies and open air ambience due to the background use of tweeting birds. Recording his music at "3pm" we see Moshimoss create an ethereal flow of sonic events using stereo-panning, ever morphing strings and harmonies as well as obscured choir-reminiscing human voices whilst the final cut, Stabilo's "Diablo", presents a more fluttering and dark'ish approach towards seemingly slow moving LFO filters introducing a certain roughness and feel of vintage wear to otherwise masterly crafted Deep Listening Music for Ambient experts. Recommended.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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