Friday, June 02, 2017

P.B.T.S. & Sascha Müller - Family Business EP [SMPTB 001]

Another new one coming in these days is the "Family Business EP", a first collaborational effort crafted by the ever busy Sascha Müller and the mysterious P.B.T.S. who are going straight to business with the 'Original Mix' of a tune named "African Soul" which comes across as a beautifully arranged TechHouse / (Neo)Trance crossover for all those loving melodic pads accompanied by morphing vocals bits floating atop of driving beats for sunset set closings whilst the following 'Sascha Müller Heart Of Africa Mix' takes the tune to an epic 10+ minutes playtime, focuses on the deep Trance-inducing beauty inherent to the tunes original mix and adds some decent Tribal percussion grooves complementing the deep vibes in a perfect way. The second cut on this digital single release is "Dedicated2Berlin (Original Mix)" which fuses dry, monotonous Electro and straightforward MinimalTechno garnished with fragile, hovering synths and a goosebump triggering breakdown for highly emotional moments shared on the dancefloor. Finally the 'Sascha Müller Remix' of "Dedicated2Berlin" takes things to a more playful level atop of a super funky House groove with a sexy swing for all those amongst you who've been dancing their ass off to proper House music since 1994. Nice.


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